The source of all my power…

… a well hidden secret of mine…



You see Oliver, it wasn’t me that won your heart on the 10th on October 2009..

but rather it was my lucky knickers!

(Haha, that makes it sound like I showed him my underwear and BAM he was mine! But no, that wasn’t the case!)


I first decided that my starry knickers (tmi?) would be lucky after reading a rather pessimistic horoscope for the day that would be mine and Ollie’s first date! I was devastated. So I screwed up the horoscope and gave my brand new knickers the title of luckiness.

And they haven’t let me down since!

Another significant time I have worn them was on my first English exam last year.

After being targeted an ‘A’ my hopes of an A* seemed like a distant hope- which I had no chance of achieving.

But wearing my lucky knickers, admittedly I tried extremely hard, I got 38/40.

I was the happiest woman on the planet!


Readers out there may think I’m crazy: even the idea of ‘luck’ is something many see as absurd and illogical.

But I give you this question;

does it really matter?

If you believe in something then it’s real- if only to you.

Perhaps I would have still got my Oliver and A* without them.

But maybe not.