For those of you reading this who know me well: this post will come with little surprise..

There are a sequence of words that go a little like;

‘For some one who…

‘…you can be really…’

and people, my friends and strangers, seem to deliver me that crap an uncanny amount!

Well, enough times to bring it into my consciousness and wonderment.

It’s really frustrating when people say this to me because you have done what most people do and have put me in a box.

You have defined and labelled me as a certain thing which I cannot exceed.

You should never let people define you, or be defined.

And I think that is so important, because you can’t live a fulfilled life by only ever meeting people’s expectations. You need to get out and stamp that box you’ve been put in and live the way you want to.

And don’t be afraid of what you say, what you do and how you dress just because you’re not being  ‘the you that they know‘.

A final message, isn’t ‘wonderment’ a really awesome word?