So what did I get up to on this day of love?

Trekked through muddy fields.

Argued and perplexed over simple mathematics.

And of course; confused old women.

Haha, if only all that were not true xD

For those of you who may be interested in the full events of my day here they are; (Because I never do blog posts like this!)

I was awoken at 8 a.m by my clichéd ‘cuckoo’ sounding alarm clock and was soon on my feet baring the delights of anticipation: today was mine and Ollie’s third Valentine’s day together- I couldn’t wait to see him!

Whilst waiting for Oliver at the bus stop, an old woman approached me and I noticed she started talking to me.


I had my ear phones in and couldn’t hear what she said but she was clearly looking for a response…

Using my oh-so-accurate initiative I guessed the aforementioned question  probably had something to do with buses so I replied, ‘Oh, I’m not waiting for a bus.’

Oh, dear.. the look on her face said it all.

A deadly confusion.

Turns out she actually asked where the clinic was..

Yeah, never ask me for directions and expect to get a helpful or even slightly relevant answer.

Ahhh, it was kinda funny though. xD

Then my dear Oliver arrived! At that moment I left reality. Plain old reality. And entered a dream!

Don’t think I didn’t see you reach for the sick bucket 😉

Anyway, first of all we walked.

Or should I say; we trekked for miles up muddy slopes, we were weary in body but fiery in spirit and holding hands it felt like I could have walked forever.

Even though I was carrying my ridiculously pink ruck sack!

The rest of the day found us debating heated maths questions, hugging and watching old romantic films.

Which on a normal day would have me in floods of tears but I had the pleasure of Ollie’s wonderful commentary to take my mind of all the romantic soppyness. Humph. 😉

I had an amazing day (Thank you Oliver!!).

But now I’m safe again in reality.