Today my good friend Oliver and I trekked through Middle-Earth and fell through the fiery depths of Mordor!

Just kidding 😉

But we did trek a good ten miles up rugged scenery and across (not so) foreign lands! It was a great day: freezing temperatures and icy slopes but we were fiery in spirit!

…Basically we just sang really cheesy songs and re-enacted scenes from Lord of the Rings!

My lameness never ceases to amaze me- really.

It’s incomprehensible how alluring it is just walking and being with a spirit of whom you are so fond. Just striding and being free of everything. Being inspired…

…and of course watching your boyfriend smash a puddle with a stick.

Haha! So here are a few photographs of this fine day;

I’m a unicorn!! (No, you’re INSANE Anna!)

Yeah.. um… xD