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Monthly Archives: February 2012

So, a few days ago I broke up with my boyfriend of two years…

My best friend.

It’s like people expect, just because we are not romantically joined, that we must participate in the dramatic ‘ex’ scenario of awkward encounters down hall ways, dirty looks and making sure that you laugh that little harder whenever they are near so they know your life is just that little bit sweeter.

But I see that two years is a long time for two people to have been together and for that time just to disintegrate into painful memories of your ‘lousy’ ex..

But that’s why we’re not following that expectation!

Like, why is it so unbelievable for two people to make a great friendship from an otherwise shitty break-up?

Screw people’s expectations!

Like I care if being best friends with your ex is weird?!

Maybe the world would be a more ‘lovey’ place if everyone just screwed life’s crappy expectations..





So there are a lot of things going on in the life of Pinkjumpers!

Which is good because I kind of feel like Ross on that episode of ‘Friends’ when evey single thing reminds him of his ex wife..

..Yeah xD

I suppose the main thing on my mind at the moment is … Nyan cat?!

It’s true! I’ve been playing it for nearly half an hour.. but sort of on and off ALL FRIGGIN DAY- haha :3

But seriously! My team friends and I are taking part in a speech competition on Tuesday which is going to be AMAZING! Especially since we’re basically talking about how much we hate sports! Haha!

Unfortunately we have to be dressed smartly and looking through my wardrobe today I realised that I own NOTHING of the sort.. so naked it is.

Another note, it is extremely depressing have six empty cans of coke on your desk and piles of degree-level maths papers.

Something I can’t drink and something I can’t do– yay!

Anyway this has been a really lame post so….

I’ll talk to you soon ^_^

The source of all my power…

… a well hidden secret of mine…



You see Oliver, it wasn’t me that won your heart on the 10th on October 2009..

but rather it was my lucky knickers!

(Haha, that makes it sound like I showed him my underwear and BAM he was mine! But no, that wasn’t the case!)


I first decided that my starry knickers (tmi?) would be lucky after reading a rather pessimistic horoscope for the day that would be mine and Ollie’s first date! I was devastated. So I screwed up the horoscope and gave my brand new knickers the title of luckiness.

And they haven’t let me down since!

Another significant time I have worn them was on my first English exam last year.

After being targeted an ‘A’ my hopes of an A* seemed like a distant hope- which I had no chance of achieving.

But wearing my lucky knickers, admittedly I tried extremely hard, I got 38/40.

I was the happiest woman on the planet!


Readers out there may think I’m crazy: even the idea of ‘luck’ is something many see as absurd and illogical.

But I give you this question;

does it really matter?

If you believe in something then it’s real- if only to you.

Perhaps I would have still got my Oliver and A* without them.

But maybe not.


For those of you reading this who know me well: this post will come with little surprise..

There are a sequence of words that go a little like;

‘For some one who…

‘…you can be really…’

and people, my friends and strangers, seem to deliver me that crap an uncanny amount!

Well, enough times to bring it into my consciousness and wonderment.

It’s really frustrating when people say this to me because you have done what most people do and have put me in a box.

You have defined and labelled me as a certain thing which I cannot exceed.

You should never let people define you, or be defined.

And I think that is so important, because you can’t live a fulfilled life by only ever meeting people’s expectations. You need to get out and stamp that box you’ve been put in and live the way you want to.

And don’t be afraid of what you say, what you do and how you dress just because you’re not being  ‘the you that they know‘.

A final message, isn’t ‘wonderment’ a really awesome word?


So what did I get up to on this day of love?

Trekked through muddy fields.

Argued and perplexed over simple mathematics.

And of course; confused old women.

Haha, if only all that were not true xD

For those of you who may be interested in the full events of my day here they are; (Because I never do blog posts like this!)

I was awoken at 8 a.m by my clichéd ‘cuckoo’ sounding alarm clock and was soon on my feet baring the delights of anticipation: today was mine and Ollie’s third Valentine’s day together- I couldn’t wait to see him!

Whilst waiting for Oliver at the bus stop, an old woman approached me and I noticed she started talking to me.


I had my ear phones in and couldn’t hear what she said but she was clearly looking for a response…

Using my oh-so-accurate initiative I guessed the aforementioned question  probably had something to do with buses so I replied, ‘Oh, I’m not waiting for a bus.’

Oh, dear.. the look on her face said it all.

A deadly confusion.

Turns out she actually asked where the clinic was..

Yeah, never ask me for directions and expect to get a helpful or even slightly relevant answer.

Ahhh, it was kinda funny though. xD

Then my dear Oliver arrived! At that moment I left reality. Plain old reality. And entered a dream!

Don’t think I didn’t see you reach for the sick bucket 😉

Anyway, first of all we walked.

Or should I say; we trekked for miles up muddy slopes, we were weary in body but fiery in spirit and holding hands it felt like I could have walked forever.

Even though I was carrying my ridiculously pink ruck sack!

The rest of the day found us debating heated maths questions, hugging and watching old romantic films.

Which on a normal day would have me in floods of tears but I had the pleasure of Ollie’s wonderful commentary to take my mind of all the romantic soppyness. Humph. 😉

I had an amazing day (Thank you Oliver!!).

But now I’m safe again in reality.


Do you, or have you ever felt sad?

No matter who you may be, I can only imagine the answer to that question is yes.

(Unless, of course, you’re Brian Cox’s wife…)

Unfortunately there is no ‘cure’ for sadness but here are four simple steps one may take into releasing yourself from the suffering…

Step 1: Realise that you are sad.

Step 2: Work out the cause of this sadness.

Step 3: Realise that there is a solution to this cause.

And step 4: Work out how to solve the cause.

It seems logical enough, right?

Just work out which step you are at now and follow the next steps- easy.

What you may not have realised is that these ‘steps’ are actually a simplified recitation of the ‘Four Nobel Truths’ believed  as part of the Buddhist faith.

I’m far from a crazy religious nut but I think, these ‘truths’ are the most logical and applicable beliefs in all of religion, which is why I have put them forward to you today 🙂


There are countless things which I simply cannot fathom, or care to understand, in the minds of homophobic people.

A lot of people easily dismiss, and even joke about, sections of the bible: usually through the notion that the quotations are ‘old-fashioned’ and have little relevance in the modern world.

“Neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee.” — Leviticus 19:19

“Ye shall not round the corners of your heads.” — Leviticus 19:27

“If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.” — Leviticus 20:13

The same author. The same Bible. The same God.

A lot of Christians in the modern age can accept the context of the 2000 year old book- it’s not, necessarily now, to be taken quite so literally.

On the other hand I cannot tolerate the hypocrisies of Christians that are willing to preach the old fashionned views on homosexuality- that it is an ‘abomination’- but disregard the other absurd, yet contextually affected, quotations shown above.

I shall never hold the time for people who believe they know the word of  ‘God’.





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