So I have never really done a post like this- giving advice and such. Probably because I’m only 16 and realise most people don’t want to be preached to by somebody who doesn’t have a great deal of life experience.

However, today I’m just going to do it as I believe it’s an important matter of discussion.

Loving someone who doesn’t love you back (or unrequited love)

So, we all know what it’s like to love somebody that doesn’t feel the same back. And it’s painfully easy to lead ourselves on. By thinking that if you perhaps stick around that maybe they will soon realise that you’re a good person: they will eventually love you back.

For it’s a lot easier to live with hope than to despair and perhaps try to get over the person whom you love. For many people, to liberate yourself  from the heartache of unrequited love is a skill too afflicting for comfort.

Sometimes one doesn’t care at all to stop loving the person, because they simply don’t want to.

And maybe we shouldn’t see it as rejection or a personal stabbing.

But as a lift of scope: better things will come if you make it so.

I think the most important thing not to do is to expect the person to fall in your arms, you will end up resenting them when they don’t: and unless your pride is the bane of your life, I’m guessing a friendship may still be an appealing, if slightly bitter, option.  It’s tough seeing who you love that you know is unrequited in this love, but what would be worse is cutting them from your life forever out of this resentment.

My advice to you in brief;

Don’t take it personal, it’s so easy to look at yourself and hate what you are because it’s not ‘good enough’. Believe me, you are as good as you are ever going to be- be proud of it 🙂

Do try to stay friends. It’ll be painful for a short while but if you truly love the person you know that there’s only one thing worse than having them in your life and that is not having them.

And thirdly, be positive. Don’t see it as a set back but a set forward! Talk to friends and stay busy- crying over romantic films will only make it worse! I know.


I hope this helped, although I’ll agree it was a little cheesy around the edges!

My final message is, never think that you’re not good enough.