I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, so here it is, my personal views on ‘gay’ parents.

But first, here are some comments I discovered on the internet, which give reason to my hatred of all the narrow-minded homophobic humans.. in all their glory…


Ruining a child’s life would be a life without love. Millions of children grow up in an orphanage, without parents, without love– this is the real cause of emotional and mental damage, not what genitals their parents may have.

Well, first off this idiot cannot even spell ‘encourage’. Although environment, I can believe, perhaps can influence your outlook on a certain gender, I shall never be convinced that it is the defining cause of your sexuality.

I shall  not deny that it is likely that a child of homosexual parents may be victimised because of this. It’s an unfortunate reality. But the people who bully for that are not worth the air they breathe- or at least- the parents who brainwashed their children to think so mindlessly are not.


I am from a ‘broken home’: I have been brought up entirely by my mother without ever having a father figure. Without a dad, without the comfort of parents who love each other and without even the proof two humans can love. And I’m not going to pretend this hasn’t affected me emotionally and mentally.

And I know I would give an awful lot, to have that.

So I when somebody says that it’s genitals that define a good parent or parents, I know they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s love!

(Cheesy but profoundly true.)

I’d be so glad to here your experiences with the issueand of course what you think 🙂