I read a lot, and because of this I have an inevitable love for words!

But like my (oh so intense) feelings for the members of ‘The Beatles’, I love some more than others!

Here are some of my favourites! 🙂

#1 Veranda

What!? There are millions of words and you choose the word for (what is essentially) a fancy bit of wood that sticks out of your house?!

But perhaps it’s not quite the definition that defines (haha!) my love for this word. I feel as though this such a romantic word, ‘Let’s take a walk on the veranda’ sounds undeniably fanciful yet breathtakingly romantic!

#2 Aforementioned

I have found this word to be incredibly useful in my essays at school, it’s smart and very applicable. It is a polite and appealing way of repeating yourself, something of which I cannot always prevent! Definitely a goodun’.

#3 Brook

Again, the meaning of this word is hardly breathtaking in itself but it just sounds so romantic! (Oh there she goes with the romantic again!). If I should ever own a house with a veranda by a brook, I would be a tragic love struck woman- I’m sure I’d be intolerable!

#4 Infatuation

Perhaps the choice of this word is obvious, especially to my friends!

Quite simply- I am always in such terrible infatuations! If it’s over a book, a particular person or most frequently a dream- it’ll be the only thing I think of for a while. It’s quite crazy and truly an annoyance. The reason why I love this word so much is that it exists! I am not alone 🙂

So there you have it! A list of my favourite words, I hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂