So here she is! The ‘perfect’ woman!

So who is she?

She is a combination of all the favourite celebrity body parts, i.e. Angelina Jolie’s lips, Cheryll Cole’s eyes and Megan Fox’s eye brows. Eye brows?! Wow….

That must have stung Megan somewhat!

Congratulations Megan Fox, you have the world’s most desirable..



It’s interesting how the ‘perfect’ woman has only been created as an image… as though perfection is a purely aesthetic trait.

If this goose-like image of a woman is every woman’s wish and man’s desire… I think I’d prefer to live by myself in a cave.

At least I wouldn’t feel the need to be something which I am not, safe in a cave…

But what does this image teach us?

That we should all aspire to be a woman who doesn’t even exist?!

That no woman can ever hope to be good enough?