So, I’m a girl.

And I have noticed a few ‘laws‘ us girls have, being girls.

Here are a few;

  • You must NEVER condition the top of your hair. (It is the cause of ghastly grease!)
  • You must always cover your face with foundation. (Because there’s only one thing worse than orange skin and that is your own.)
  • You must be fake. (Lets face it, no guy is going to want to be with the real you!)
  • You must have hairless legs. (Because no girl wants to inherit the nickname ‘stubble’)

I can safely and proudly say that I do not follow any of these ‘rules’.

…yet if you do, please realise that you do not have to.

(And I’m not just trying to create an army of pale, greasy and stubbly women…!)

*cough cough.