Yes! The crazy bitch once again is my fine self… yeah…

I’m fairly sure most students go out of their way to avoid teacher eye contact whilst walking down the school corridors.

I’m guessing it’s normal that that it is quite an awkward experience for both student and teacher, right?

(No Anna! Why are you such a friggin’ awkward loser?!)

Well there is this one teacher who is quite attractive.. and, well.. we were about to cross paths whilst on the stairs..

I have a sudden panic! What do I do?!

Stare at a wall.

Not even joking. I literally made myself too busy staring at this damn wall, right infront of him, so we didn’t share eye contact!


I must have been staring at this wall for at least four seconds!

and I’m pretty sure he was thinking what an insane person I am.

So, next time you’re walking by somebody you’d rather not, my advice to you would be: man up! But what ever you decide to do…

don’t look at a wall.

You could be urinating yourself with awkwardness, just don’t do what I did!