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So I have never really done a post like this- giving advice and such. Probably because I’m only 16 and realise most people don’t want to be preached to by somebody who doesn’t have a great deal of life experience.

However, today I’m just going to do it as I believe it’s an important matter of discussion.

Loving someone who doesn’t love you back (or unrequited love)

So, we all know what it’s like to love somebody that doesn’t feel the same back. And it’s painfully easy to lead ourselves on. By thinking that if you perhaps stick around that maybe they will soon realise that you’re a good person: they will eventually love you back.

For it’s a lot easier to live with hope than to despair and perhaps try to get over the person whom you love. For many people, to liberate yourself  from the heartache of unrequited love is a skill too afflicting for comfort.

Sometimes one doesn’t care at all to stop loving the person, because they simply don’t want to.

And maybe we shouldn’t see it as rejection or a personal stabbing.

But as a lift of scope: better things will come if you make it so.

I think the most important thing not to do is to expect the person to fall in your arms, you will end up resenting them when they don’t: and unless your pride is the bane of your life, I’m guessing a friendship may still be an appealing, if slightly bitter, option.  It’s tough seeing who you love that you know is unrequited in this love, but what would be worse is cutting them from your life forever out of this resentment.

My advice to you in brief;

Don’t take it personal, it’s so easy to look at yourself and hate what you are because it’s not ‘good enough’. Believe me, you are as good as you are ever going to be- be proud of it 🙂

Do try to stay friends. It’ll be painful for a short while but if you truly love the person you know that there’s only one thing worse than having them in your life and that is not having them.

And thirdly, be positive. Don’t see it as a set back but a set forward! Talk to friends and stay busy- crying over romantic films will only make it worse! I know.


I hope this helped, although I’ll agree it was a little cheesy around the edges!

My final message is, never think that you’re not good enough.





I have decided to share with you all a number of things which creep me out. I suggest-if you’re anything like me- you may find a sick bucket useful… or maybe just a cushion to cover your eyes :3

Random plasters

I’m sure we have all become witness to the random, stray plasters that inhabit our world. Perhaps it’s the unknowing which creeps me out-for all anyone knows they could have been plastering a tramp’s puss-ridden armpit! What ever it is, they stick out like a sore thumb. (Haha, get it?!)

Creepy guys that wear creepy t-shirts

*shudder… See what these men don’t realise is that by wearing creepy t-shirts they put women off more than if they wore a nice t shirt! For example, this guy will forever rely upon the internet, *bleurgghh!!

The word ‘moist’

Is it just me? It sends shudders of cringe down my spine! Like, eurgggghhhh! :S

The menstrual cycle

Does this really happen to me?! I mean, really?! That’s friggin’ disgusting. When we do about this in lesson I physically want to throw up and wish somebody would rip out all of my insides so it’s not there anymore! I’ve actually had to scroll the page down so my eyes don’t meet that marvellous diagram xD

So, there you have it 🙂

A few things of which I’d rather eat my own sick than come face to face with!

A vulgar last sentence for a vulgar post 😉

Comment what you find creepy and it could get added! 😀

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, so here it is, my personal views on ‘gay’ parents.

But first, here are some comments I discovered on the internet, which give reason to my hatred of all the narrow-minded homophobic humans.. in all their glory…


Ruining a child’s life would be a life without love. Millions of children grow up in an orphanage, without parents, without love– this is the real cause of emotional and mental damage, not what genitals their parents may have.

Well, first off this idiot cannot even spell ‘encourage’. Although environment, I can believe, perhaps can influence your outlook on a certain gender, I shall never be convinced that it is the defining cause of your sexuality.

I shall  not deny that it is likely that a child of homosexual parents may be victimised because of this. It’s an unfortunate reality. But the people who bully for that are not worth the air they breathe- or at least- the parents who brainwashed their children to think so mindlessly are not.


I am from a ‘broken home’: I have been brought up entirely by my mother without ever having a father figure. Without a dad, without the comfort of parents who love each other and without even the proof two humans can love. And I’m not going to pretend this hasn’t affected me emotionally and mentally.

And I know I would give an awful lot, to have that.

So I when somebody says that it’s genitals that define a good parent or parents, I know they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s love!

(Cheesy but profoundly true.)

I’d be so glad to here your experiences with the issueand of course what you think 🙂



Yesterday an unpleasant tragedy befell me.

I shall begin this post by confessing my love toward a particular Youtuber: I have followed his videos for a while and I think, well at least thought, he was a stupendous human being. It is undeniable that I held a great deal of respect for him.

He speaks so handsomely, holds morals and ideas which both astound and seize me.

(Can you see where this is going?!)

As I was reading comments on a particular video, I was slightly alarmed by the accusation that he, unknowing to me, was a porn star.

Did I believe that this man, who talks so profoundly, sells his body for fame and fortune?

Of course not!

After looking up the matter, perhaps a little too much, I was proven wrong.

The respect and love for this man shattered in a single moment of torture!

But then the thought occurred to me, he is still the same man whom I thought of so highly.

How can I put so much faith and love into a human and not expect for it to eventually shatter?

When nobody -nothing- is perfect?

Nevertheless I will still watch his videos, and hold the respect for a man who isn’t necessarily perfect but who is real.



I read a lot, and because of this I have an inevitable love for words!

But like my (oh so intense) feelings for the members of ‘The Beatles’, I love some more than others!

Here are some of my favourites! 🙂

#1 Veranda

What!? There are millions of words and you choose the word for (what is essentially) a fancy bit of wood that sticks out of your house?!

But perhaps it’s not quite the definition that defines (haha!) my love for this word. I feel as though this such a romantic word, ‘Let’s take a walk on the veranda’ sounds undeniably fanciful yet breathtakingly romantic!

#2 Aforementioned

I have found this word to be incredibly useful in my essays at school, it’s smart and very applicable. It is a polite and appealing way of repeating yourself, something of which I cannot always prevent! Definitely a goodun’.

#3 Brook

Again, the meaning of this word is hardly breathtaking in itself but it just sounds so romantic! (Oh there she goes with the romantic again!). If I should ever own a house with a veranda by a brook, I would be a tragic love struck woman- I’m sure I’d be intolerable!

#4 Infatuation

Perhaps the choice of this word is obvious, especially to my friends!

Quite simply- I am always in such terrible infatuations! If it’s over a book, a particular person or most frequently a dream- it’ll be the only thing I think of for a while. It’s quite crazy and truly an annoyance. The reason why I love this word so much is that it exists! I am not alone 🙂

So there you have it! A list of my favourite words, I hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂



(This is chapter two of my story, at best it can be described as a working progress!)

Arbutus’ childhood was now just a shattered window peeking onto his life, as fragile as a lace of squinting dust. He was always embarrassed growing up- to grow up meant you were still a child; precocious, innocent and ignorant. He was repulsed by the familiar comments from his neighbors; “my dear Arbutus! Look how tall you are getting!”. He wasn’t polite enough to reply with a smile; instead he glared and began conjuring up a mean revenge for these nosy, Methodist good-doers.

It’s most likely because of this he was not short of a reputation around his town as ‘a funny little child who’s clearly not all up there’. He’d spent all of his days and continued to live them in Stonebank, Dorset. To him this town was always tainted from the air of war. As an unfortunate witness of the hatred shared in war, he didn’t see rows of spotless houses with beautiful gardens- he saw shattered buildings bedded under thick layers of brown, smoking dust. He could not hear outside the children playing but he heard the roars that came from impossibly low spitfires, bombs too close for comfort: exploding through his underage brain. Too scared of the dark was he to even blink during such times. So why did our character Arbutus decide that Stonebank would forever be his home? He depended on his old, fragile memories- of his lost wife, his final days of happiness and even to some extent- his father.

To leave would be to run away.

From reasons he couldn’t run from, or hide from. 


I think all of us have had memories which now cause us to laugh, if they did not then.

Here are some of mine!

When I was little I drank some orange squash before I realised my sister hadn’t put water in it- after realising she hadn’t- I thought It meant I was going to die!

In year six I used to think It was amazing when we did ‘year 7 maths!’  :O Year seven!!

I once thought that braces would be the coolest accessory ever! But no…

I used to think Pokemon was the best, coolest thing ever! (Oh wait, I still do. O.o) 😀

I also used to think that ‘sex’ meant kissing. (Inappropriate? Probably!)

Feel free to tell me things that happened to you that you now laugh at 😀


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