Maybe it’s just the cold weather or ever-looming exams which make me feel like this, but..

I can’t help but notice our lives have already been lived for us. I mean this in the sense that from the moment we are born we have began the default setting.

We go to school at age 5. We finish compulsory education at aged 16- after that we can either get a job; maybe marry, and then have children before our lives come to an inevitable end. Or you can take the slightly lengthier, in my opinion tougher route, of enduring further education until of course you then follow the same path as those who left school at 16.

And don’t get me wrong- I know there’s a lot of people who would give their right arm for this ‘default’ life.

And it’s because of that reality I should end this post and delete it now as a bad job..

Nevertheless, I wish I was brave enough to quit school at 16, to end this default life and create my own path. Write my own life. Experience the extraordinary…

But alas I’m not brave enough.

I will continue my life and welcome all abnormalities which I encounter with open arms.