Apparently it’s good to have enemies because to have enemies usually means that you have stood up for yourself at some point.

Whilst that logic certainly makes me feel better when I realise some people dislike me, I can’t help but prefer the ideal of a life with no hate at all.

Unfortunately for me I have never been able to endure personal criticism very well- I bare some quite hard grudges because of it.

When I was younger, people sometimes took the pleasure of making fun of me- nearly all of their comments and gestures still stick in my mind today. It’s rather annoying this temper I seem to have- I hardly ever think before I say things and It would be lovely to always ‘keep my cool’.

Strangers still comment on what I wear or how I look today but this doesn’t bother me at all anymore. Three years ago a single comment of ‘you’re ugly’ would have had me running the other way, destroyed and crying my mind out whilst full of self hate.

But no more. I guess I’ve just accepted who I am. (Thank God!)

Instead I only seem to lose my ‘cool’ when my peers criticise me. Well, the peers whom I respect

Maybe it’s because they’re the only people who I care what they think of me…

Either I have an annoyingly overly-sensitive temperament or I have unforgivably cruddy peers!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that bearing grudges isn’t good! Of course we all have enemies but our friends are so important, and maybe I shouldn’t go crazy mad when they give me a little advice…



(A wink and cheesy morals Anna, what is your blog coming to?!)