Whilst I love my IPod, blogging and our modern understanding of science…

I would give it all up without a doubt to live in a time of before.

I find most comfort in reading books from centuries ago, a time when I long to live, where I feel I should be.

I’m not like other people! I hate how people seem to have so little morals in this age, and although I’m certainly all for human freedom, I cannot help but feel so sad when I see girls with so little dignity. Girls who would give their love, their bodies and their self-respect for a cheap night of empty nothing.

I have never really ‘fitted in’ in my society, I’m not sure whether that’s because I live in an isolated town or because I am an outsider. For a long time I’ve recieved quite a lot of stick for the way I dress, for what I say and what I do. When I was younger I hated myself because of this..

I used to try so hard to fit it.

Now I am grateful for being who I am- I can only imagine ‘normal’ to be quite boring.

But It’s becoming quite a burden to me, this belief that I don’t belong here. 

I have values which people now do not generally have. I don’t believe in sex before marriage, or at least, sex before love. I can’t understand how people are so attatched to materialistic belongings, I want to spend my life with people.. not technology.

Hmmmm, what do you think?