There are SO many things wrong with the comment above.. I’m not quite sure where to begin…

Firstly, I came across this comment whilst I was Youtube browsing. You can imagine my fury as I hit the Print Screen button on my unsuspecting keyboard- with the intention of showcasing my findings in hope of sharing my disgust with the more open-minded internet users.

Since when has the justification of being gay ever needed another being’s acceptence of agreement?!

How much conclusive evidence do we need to administer to allow these homophobic people realise that homosexuality isn’t a choice nor a disability.. it is love.

I’m sure most homosexual people would merely overlook this ignorant comment in pity for the narrow-mindedness of the author.

But for some people, comments like these are the difference between living and dying.

It’s long overdue that these ‘people’ need to open their minds before they open their mouths.