My last posts have been fairly serious, and although seriousness is good, I felt that I would brighten up today with a bit of art. 🙂

My favourite style of art is undoubtedly expressionism.

Sometimes, especially in ‘modern’ art, when I look at a piece of art it can be so empty. There may be a significant message behind it but it is just a bleak portray.

Expressionism, on the other hand, has feeling. It has a depth in which the viewer can fall through.

Art should always make you feel, even if it is far beyond what you can relate to.  

It’s far from a master piece, but this is a self portrait I did for a mock art exam. You can probably gather that the sketch is based on Edvard Munch’s ‘the Scream.’

Munch’s work is hardly ever about exterior emotions, and I feel that this self portrait is exactly how I feel inside at the moment- a further reason for the discussion.