To anybody who has ever bestowed enough hatred to say or even believe in anything homophobic: this post is for you.

This photograph, if you didn’t already know, is of the fourteen year-old boy Jamey Rodemeyer. Perhaps an ordinary boy, two years younger than myself. The smiling exterior you can see in this picture is the brave face in front of years of, what I can only imagine to be, torturous bullying…

…for Jamey is gay.

He held the ability to love another man.

But because of his fundamental sexuality, like so many others, he was the innocent target of people who deserve no love at all.

Jamey Rodemeyer, at only fourteen years old, thought the only way to cope was to die.

 He killed himself.

Can you only imagine how he must have felt? To feel the need to die? The only answer he saw to his problems was to take his life.

And it is the people who casually slate homosexuals who cause this, not just the bullies! Countries boast of human rights, but where are they here?!


I am truly heartbroken at this.