• Being remembered
  • After a hard night at the gym (Ha! Like I know what that’s like…)
  • When you finally get that thing stuck out of your teeth! (Just me? Okay! Moving on…)
  • When someone tells you they ‘wouldn’t know what they’d do without you’. N’awww.
  • Loud music is playing- that feeling when you just HAVE to dance!
  • The ability to laugh over an event which at the time was heartachingly embarassing or seemingly dreadful.
  • Lying in a field. (What? You’ve never done that?!)
  • That moment before you kiss somebody for the first time. You know? 🙂
  • That sigh of nerdy relieif when you solve a hard maths question! Phew 8)
  • Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  • Watching your favourite film for the millionth time. (It never loses its awesomeness!)

List over. Did I just write ‘awesomeness’?! Ewww.

Don’t agree with my list? Comment your ideas and it could get added 😀

(P.s. I realise what I’m letting myself in there on that last note 😉 )