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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Okay! I will start this slightly controversial blog by saying I do not take drugs, and I generally find the idea of needing to take something to have a good time is crazy (call me a bore!) yet nevertheless..

I believe that the legalisation of cannabis would be very beneficial to the country: to our humanity and economy. I cannot stand politics but when the government tells me that I will have debts of around £50,000 after uni, you will understand this sparks a concerned interest.

If cannabis were legal, then the government could put a huge tax on it (like cigarettes- money for the country’s piggy bank). As well as this, it would reduce the amount of criminals in the UK- for if it were legal, drug dealers would likely loose business anyway thus reducing the amount of unsafe substances passed around and space taken up in prison.

Smoking cigarettes is far more of a health risk than taking weed, so it’s more of the governments responsibility to illegalise that than to illegalise cannabis which has caused no known deaths or even great health risks.

And in the end as humans we have free will and so should be able to have freedom.



So! I realise I haven’t posted for a while!

With good incentive…

A lot of things have happened since my last post, I hate to be dramatic but things have happened to me that have left me only to despair. And I just needed sometime to get over it rather than accidently blurt out my sinister problems on here- for I can SO easily forget anyone can read my blog: which, I’m more often than not, glad for!

I would just like to chip in here how much I love my friends! (I know what you’re thinking! ‘What friends?!) haha 😉

I think a lot.

I wonder what the R.E. exam scheme says about candidates who make up bible quotes xD. Today I had an R.E. mock exam in which I found myself making up bible quotes to back up my points.

I’ve also been thinking about love. I love a lot of people- I’m not even going to pretened it’s not in a sincerely hippy way! But at the same time there is only one person whom I love unconditionally.. shouldn’t all love exist unconditionally?

A final thought for the day;

What would you really like to do and why aren’t you doing it?

  • Being remembered
  • After a hard night at the gym (Ha! Like I know what that’s like…)
  • When you finally get that thing stuck out of your teeth! (Just me? Okay! Moving on…)
  • When someone tells you they ‘wouldn’t know what they’d do without you’. N’awww.
  • Loud music is playing- that feeling when you just HAVE to dance!
  • The ability to laugh over an event which at the time was heartachingly embarassing or seemingly dreadful.
  • Lying in a field. (What? You’ve never done that?!)
  • That moment before you kiss somebody for the first time. You know? 🙂
  • That sigh of nerdy relieif when you solve a hard maths question! Phew 8)
  • Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  • Watching your favourite film for the millionth time. (It never loses its awesomeness!)

List over. Did I just write ‘awesomeness’?! Ewww.

Don’t agree with my list? Comment your ideas and it could get added 😀

(P.s. I realise what I’m letting myself in there on that last note 😉 )

Today a couple of friends and I were just drooling over images of cake in all it’s sweet, sugared glory on Google images.

We were, and had been forever, accustomed to the birthday and wedding cake themes though we were soon introduced to a new, slightly morbid, purpose behind the genius that is eggs, sugar and flour.

A cake to signify the death of love…

…Any excuse for cake…right? O.o


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