I have concluded, and so rightly, that I am the most impulsive, reckless human being in all humanity!

Why? Earlier this week I had the crazy blast of urge to sign up for the ‘World Challenge’ to Iceland! Signing up six months after everyone else with £1,650 to raise in 8 months. Crazy reckless act numero uno!

Second reckless act- setting up a biscuit stall in my home town’s ‘War Weekend’ today with only one night to bake, make signs, organise a stall and of course look the part! Of course I got Ollie in on the idea and sleeping over at his we took the monstorous task of baking 400 biscuits with nothing less than complete naivity! After buying the shops out of their entire stock of butter we began…

With a single oven, 12 biscuits at a time we slaved for hours and hours! I don’t think I have ever been so physically and emotionally exhausted in my life! I cannot quite explain how draining all the baking was! If Ollie wasn’t there I think I should have cried for hours on the spot!

Nevertheless, after icing and bagging nearly 200 biscuits, half dead, we got a fairly sensible night’s sleep.

Of course baking all the biscuits was only half the adventure! Next we had to sell them.

Getting up ridiculously early we dragged ourselves to set up our stall with struggled enthusiasm. We were so tired and drained we saw no hope for our little stall with a few little signs in front of our two little dressed up characters. We were sort-of ready!

Yet, despite all our setbacks; (we were shattered and neither of us have any experience in selling and Oliver doesn’t even watch the Apprentice) we were able to make a small fortune and I cannot explain how acomplished I feel! Never have I taken on a challege such as this, I was able to sell and actually speak to people!

It feels great! Last night I was so close to giving up, but I didn’t and now I’m so glad we were able to achieve what many would feel like an impossibility from the start.

Yet most cruicially, It feels so great to know I can sleep tonight!

ahhhhhhhhhh 🙂