Knowing as much as I know about biology makes being ill considerably worse.

For one I know exactly what is happening to my body as I ache to and from my limbs and eyes. Those little virus’ are eating away at my body’s unfortunate cells and I am left, and so rightly, as the wounded!

You’d have thought a handsome day off school would be a pleasure for most though it is a great burden of mine: a chance to do things I wouldn’t be able to have done otherwise even with a sore head and a body in war? Today I layed in bed and struggled greatly to read my book (not because the story is unbearable- my eyes could not focus to concentrate) so I began to watch my favourite videos (Yes! VHS video!) but the heartache of such an astounding story left me feeling surprisingly no better. I ache anyway for the romance weaved into such a story, ohhhhhh!

So I read through my own story I am currently writing and added some profound changes as errors were found. I think people would be surprised at how dark my story actually is. This is embarassing to me, but I want to keep on writing regardless.

And now I listen to some glorious music and write to you as I wait for a good friend’s arrival. It can be said we share everything; love, laughs and lurgees.