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Monthly Archives: September 2011

And if a ten ton truck kills the both of us to die by your side well the pleasure, the privilege, is mine.

I think it is empathy which stops me from hating. I think a lot! About who people are and why things happen and I often go back over situations and analyise them still my mind is perfect reinactment, I can’t help it!

I guess I don’t really know what I’m trying to say tonight.



This morning I woke up at the insane hour of 2 am- kissing my pillow! :S

I understand this will cause an utter outrage on the world wide web to those pillow lovers who live for their safety and pro-anti-pillow-abuse! It is after all, their world too.

I would like to take the time to say a few words, *ahem…

Dear Pillow,

I realise that my face unto yours was a great, merciless shock, for both of us, but one day I hope we can take it like water of a duck’s back and with the courage- move on. I promise to support you in your time of need, dear pillow.

I’m truly sorry for my unconscious actions.

Tomorrow I’ve have made up my mind to get up an hour earlier (eeek!) to go for a refreshing morning jog! If I never speak of it again, I’m sure you can infer why xD

Yesterday I was SO happy that I sent a wishy-washy text to nearly everyone on my contact list, mostly the messages were a simple statment of love for the person. It was all entirely true of course! (Now I’ve cleared that up for you readers who perhaps recieved such a text- you have your answer, put down those meds! 😉 )

My poem that I’m writing has yet to come to life but it’s early days and I have no intentions to rush my unexistant creative flow :3

Lots of LOVE,

Anna Ward-Gow


I think about things way too much! Like, I can spend hours just thinking and imagining. That’s probably why I find myself pining so much over things- always going through scenes in my mind that will never occur in the real world.

I am left with the craziest ideals.

And imagining isn’t exactly living, is it?


“The future for me is already a thing of the past- You were my first love and will be my last”- Bob Dylan


I’ve been thinking a lot lately…


Work, work and work

That I have no idea what I want to be when I’m older

That I miss Oliver greatly


Poetry is filling the gaps

Potential exists

My dearest friends


I’m starting to believe taking maths at A-Level may be a good option

If I drink enough cranberry juice I will become beautiful

One day you will ask for my hand in marriage


Here I present a list of my favourite, and most life-altering, breakfast cereals of my lifetime! (I say my lifetime as I believe there was a ‘Batman’ cereal produced from 1989-1990, which I’m sure would have kicked every lists ass.)

5. Weetos

Despite that this cereal has an unfair reputation of tasting, and I quote ‘like cardboard’, I believe that ‘Weetos’ are a wonderful combination of chocolatelyness and roundness meaning this cereal scrapes in at number five!

4. Weetabix (But the mini chocolate variety!)

Call this a compromise! Whilst most people would put the all-good Weetabix at numero uno, I would rather put it back a little, make it smaller and of course add chocolate! This cereal is almost a great balance of chocolate vs. wheat although in some unfortunate instances one can easily feel betrayed by the over-done wheatyness: leaving the classic dragging behind at number 4.

3. Cookie Crisp

The perfect excuse for eating 100’s of cookies during the course of a single meal! But forgetting the calories and remembering that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Cookie Crisp secures its rightful place at a wholesome number three!

2. Jordan’s Country Crisp

The outright winner of the battle of the ‘Crisps’! Despite the farewell to chocolate, Jordans Country Crisp is wonderfully delicious and, as far as I know, it doesn’t do too much damage to old thighs- a quiet bonus to an overall magnificent creation. If only I could stop at one bowl…

1. Coco Pops

Because in the end, what could be better than a cereal which ‘turns the milk chocolatey’?! Just remember the next time you’re consuming this God of all cereal, you couldn’t be feasting on anything greater.


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