If I could be in any space and time right now I would place myself on Prince Edward Island in 1889. I would chose this for many reasons! I would be able to meet my favourite author of ALL time! Also; this period of time is one of my favourite in all of history- I love it: the simplicity of life, the dignity and morals. Perhaps not as significant but I also love the clothing worn during these times. Β πŸ™‚

There is a downside to this plan, however. I’m not so sure I could give up all the people in my life for this wonderful fantasy. (Unless I could somehow drag them all along xD). As well as this, I realise that women’s rights during these time were a little non-existent! Being a feminist- that would really piss me off xD. But maybe I could do my best to try and change things- I can imagine that would be a painful yet interesting adventure!