I used to feel anxious, even scared when I passed chavs on the street by myself: because I’ve always realised that they make the comments, the obnoxious gestures and laughs when I am in solitary. When I am only myself- an easy target,  a total outsider to these ‘people’. Those total cowards who never speak, or even look at me when they are on their miserable own.

But I do not feel scared to pass my wonderful foes any longer. Instead I find myself feeling incredibly sad. Sad that the girls who walk around so proud, who could be beautiful chose to be cheap and easy. I sort of assume they just believe what their boys feel for them is love. And isn’t it wonderful to feel loved? But really these girls are used and passed around like shit. Left without their dignity and no where to fall.

And the men. Hanging outside of school despite leaving with no GCSEs two years earlier. They laugh at me! This familiar trail of events has never bothered me of course. I have a future- and they don’t. Unless you wish to class hanging outside of school for another 5 years until you are suspected of being a pervert where you are left to then re-locate to some other dingy surroundings within a 1/4 mile radius. They can have their laugh but I know that the choices I have made will turn the tables around before too long.

I shall never wish to understand these people.