I awoke this morning in a tent! Yes! A wet, freezing triangular bag! Perhaps this would make it a negative experience but I was with a good friend (Sorry I’m not mentioning your name again! xD) and Oliver 🙂 So it was actually overall pretty fun! We didn’t travel great distances to camp but instead we stayed in Ollie’s garden xD. Admittedly we had little sleep, but I reckon it was worth it!

Breakfast was amazing! Whilst discussing the incredible fact that I’ve never actually ever tried an egg, (wow!) I was made two slices of Nutella infested toast xD This was truly delightful as I hadn’t eaten anything remotely chocolatey for over two weeks! This followed by a bus journey home- and amazingly without an interrogation about my age.

Ollie and I spent today at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP if you prefer ;D) We had a beautifully outstanding day and captured endless scope for the imagination 🙂 We specifically went for my art work but I would have definitely have gone despite this 🙂  Here are some photographs of our outing;