I’m a lot goofier, painful but cooler than I was the last time we spoke.

This is because I now have to wear elastic bands between my top and bottom teeth! A fate I have such a burden carrying! I thought that having ugly metal bars across my teeth were the end of the worst, of course until now. They are also fairly painful- adding wood to a blazing fire of humility!

My pain does not finish its path there. Today I grew up 4 months instantly and got the top part of my ear cartilage pierced! It didn’t hurt as much as having four teeth taken out but I’ll admit I winced a little. I got it done at this goth place, learning from a past mistake saying I was 15 in Claires, I lied that I was 16 and I was taken to a room with a massive black leather chair. (a bit like a dentist’s chair but with a little more nervous anticipation). It was there a dot was drawn and a needle was struck.

Your cooler friend,

Anna Ward-Gow