Today I began to create my teenage years (so far) in a scrap book! I’ve collected quite a few photographs over the years which i’ve decided to now keep together in a scrap book. I think it’s quite wonderful looking back at all the people i’ve met, realising much how they’ve affected me. Looking at the photos it’s so easy to become part of the image again, to feel everything that was once felt- how ever many years ago it was. This feeling isn’t always a good one, there are some memories within photos that are better left as mere happenings of a time before. Like old, untreasured friends of whom I can’t ever quite recall why our friendship ever existed. People who made my life hell- I feel truly sick for the character of me in these photos, forever held in a memory best forgotten.

Nevertheless some of the photos still spark a long lasting happiness within me- photo’s of laughter, of friendship and of specific times when all was purely fine- when life could be so easily adored.

It’s still so amazing how much can be held, even stored, within a rectangular bit of paper. How many memories, lost feelings which can inspire regret even now. Old friends and even old lovers can haunt me to this day, people who i’ve lost touch with for no good reason. People who I truly miss. Characters I will always remember but never again revise.

Maybe it’s because of this I decided to collect all these memories. So these people can never be forgotten.