I’ve started painting my face white each morning. Not such an eerie white, but just so I own a paler complextion. (Too much outdoors is causing my face to turn darker and more… normal.) I know I look dead now but I don’t care!

I finished the first chapter of my story! No doubt I will make lots of changes but for now I am content my story has a begining 🙂

I am not sure how much I should reveal so I shall speak of nothing. You’ll just have to wait!

Today I was very sorrowful I didn’t have permission to accept an ivitation from my best friend Katrina. She spoke of such a wonderful day, I felt so sorry to miss it. Nevertheless I saw my intoxicated man friend! It seems his evening of yesterday was rather eventful. It was his prom, and my! Didn’t he look wonderful! I could have fell straight into his arms and given my right arm to kiss him. 😉 (and stay there forever!)

Back to reality… I had a rather gay dream last night about another of my best friends! She will never know though! I’m starting to give in to not being completely straight. I mean, I would certainly chose a woman over some of the men I’ve had the unfortune of meeting!