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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Here I present a list of things that scare me;

1. Sharks

2. Bears

3. Short hair

4. Reading but not finishing a book

5. Earwigs

6. Small chimpish girl

7. Tanning

8. The concept of giving birth

9. Oliver James McNally

10. People


I have spent hours just listening to beautiful music.

I can say this time was not wasted 🙂


(P.s. I realise the Rolling Stones reference does not match the Beatles picture!)

Today I tried some yoga!

No, really.

It was quite enjoyable! Obviously I skipped the positions that required even an ounce of immortal flexibility, nevertheless I intend to continue my yoga quest. 🙂

Life is currently pretty busy! I am employed, and I’ve been getting on with some extra school work which I hope will aide me in the future of year 11. Call me a swot all you will! This of course is in-between my crazy exercise workouts and yoga timetables!

Yes! Anna Ward-Gow has invested in exercising! As well as lettuce consuming and chocolate declining :3

It’s pretty sweet!




I’m a lot goofier, painful but cooler than I was the last time we spoke.

This is because I now have to wear elastic bands between my top and bottom teeth! A fate I have such a burden carrying! I thought that having ugly metal bars across my teeth were the end of the worst, of course until now. They are also fairly painful- adding wood to a blazing fire of humility!

My pain does not finish its path there. Today I grew up 4 months instantly and got the top part of my ear cartilage pierced! It didn’t hurt as much as having four teeth taken out but I’ll admit I winced a little. I got it done at this goth place, learning from a past mistake saying I was 15 in Claires, I lied that I was 16 and I was taken to a room with a massive black leather chair. (a bit like a dentist’s chair but with a little more nervous anticipation). It was there a dot was drawn and a needle was struck.

Your cooler friend,

Anna Ward-Gow


Give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be alright.


Today me and Oliver James McNally went on a ten mile walk. We set off from his village and took a long (hilly!) route back to my home, ten miles later. We walked arm in arm, talking blissfully the entire way. We laughed and kissed and loved! There was no rush, infact I savoured every moment. He entices me.

The perfect way to begin the summer.  🙂

We were slightly tired upon arrival to my home, I soon became enthralled between my lover’s arms before closing my eyes to sleep. But sleep we did not! When your skin is being gentley caressed it is certainly impossible to befall a state of unconscious.

Forgive me but I must continue this dream.


I hate to say it but I’m holding on to year ten with dear life! The thought of starting year eleven after Summer is definitely dampening my spirits! And it’s the final day tommorow! I’ll probably be the saddest person ever to have left school for the summer holidays!



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