I feel as though I have finally found my place. I’ve never been a part of such a secure, wonderful group of friends before now. 

It started a few years ago, when my best and only friend and I drifted apart. Ever since then i’ve always felt like the odd one out within my friend groups of yester years. Until of course I met Oliver, on the 10th of October 2009, i’ve had a best friend since then. And I know, even if we stop being romantically joined we’ll always be friends. Isn’t that just really wonderful? To know you have made something that will last until death and perhaps even longer. Especially as something as beautiful as friendship, even more so- love.

And I don’t know but I waited an awful long time to meet Oliver.

It’s certianly not all worked out as perfectly as in books! Which, I suppose i’m glad for- life, I imagine,  could be terribly boring if everything went scrape-free. But certianly nothing good comes from the hateful people I have had the unfortune of getting to know. 

Perhaps I should define “hateful people” but i’m not going to waste my time xD. (Or yours, of course.)

But right now, i’m finally friends with life again. I love all the people in my life. 🙂