Who’d have thought the only problem with my job induction would be the owners and not me?! xD

I had to put up with the most meanest, grotesque man I have ever encountered. He kept shouting at me and telling me off for asking where things went, shouting (so demeaningly) how I didn’t have any common sense. Good grief.  He told me how he’d gotten through 10 waitresses last year.

Hell! I was not surprised!

The Frying Pan Scene

So, I wash the pan. I finally use my “common sense” and begin to put it with the other pans, terrified of being shouted at if I dared to ask where it went, (thinking this was a pretty good bet, of course) but no. How could I NOT know that the frying pans went above the cupboard?! Oh. If only it ended peacefully there! So, I reached up and put the pan at the end of the line above the cupboards. “Nooooooooo” (this sarcastic, spitefully phrase was a constant alarm throughout the evening), the frying pan went under the other one! Duhh! ¬_¬ But of course they were so high up I couldnt tell which was the frying pan! He was just standing there, waiting for me to do wrong, so I took a guess. “Nooooooooooo”. HAD I NEVER SEEN A FRYING PAN? HAD I NEVER WAHSED UP? HAD I ANY INITIATIVE? Finally I got it right.

There was certainly nothing of a kindred spirit within him. It was possibley the most painful evening I have ever witnessed.

Oh, I hope to God I get this job.

So I can tell them where to stick it!!!!!!!


This is Anna Ward-Gow, and my rant is officially over. (For now)