I’ve had such a wonderful day!

Despite, of course, my aching 45 minutes of chemistry exam: but then even this lead to the joyous relief of the finishing of my final exam 🙂 (woo!)

I spent the majority of my first day off in weeks with my best friend. I love sharing my time with people whom I love and share so many glorious memories. We don’t even have to talk, just share a beautiful presense of infinite friendship and admiration.

I also got a call back from the restaurant where I had my interview last week! I am going in on friday, but i’m not entirely sure whether that’s to see if i’m any good or just to get me introduced to the plates and tables :S

I am awfully nervous about this whole epoch in my life! Waitressing seems like such a blissful job, meeting so many people and being polite and smiley. I know i’d love it!