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Monthly Archives: June 2011

I’m thinking about becoming a vegetarian.


I don’t want to get over him.

(So, I plan not to. Instead I shall cherish these feelings, keep them shining and one day he might have use for them.)

Even when I don’t.

I believe in the books that I read.

This is a picture of myself taken quite a while back! I remember when I was at the beach: I lost my hairclip and my mum told me that the mermaids in the sea will have it. How much belief a child (or perhaps just me!) can have! I used to long to be a mermaid! I must have spent quite a large fraction of my childhood imagining what it would be like.


I feel as though I have finally found my place. I’ve never been a part of such a secure, wonderful group of friends before now. 

It started a few years ago, when my best and only friend and I drifted apart. Ever since then i’ve always felt like the odd one out within my friend groups of yester years. Until of course I met Oliver, on the 10th of October 2009, i’ve had a best friend since then. And I know, even if we stop being romantically joined we’ll always be friends. Isn’t that just really wonderful? To know you have made something that will last until death and perhaps even longer. Especially as something as beautiful as friendship, even more so- love.

And I don’t know but I waited an awful long time to meet Oliver.

It’s certianly not all worked out as perfectly as in books! Which, I suppose i’m glad for- life, I imagine,  could be terribly boring if everything went scrape-free. But certianly nothing good comes from the hateful people I have had the unfortune of getting to know. 

Perhaps I should define “hateful people” but i’m not going to waste my time xD. (Or yours, of course.)

But right now, i’m finally friends with life again. I love all the people in my life. 🙂




Because that is one CREEPY costume, bro.

(Hahaha, inside joke I just HAD to remove from my chest xD)

As well as ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy, I am reading the selected journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery from 1889- 1910. It’s possibley the most honest, pure book I will ever read because that’s exactly what it is! It’s so beautifully written as well! So delicate and wholesome.

She writes of these two ‘hateful’ girls that sat behind her at school. Montgomery talks about how they had fallen out but she heard they wanted to be friends again.

It’s so werid to think that these events happened over 100 years ago. I wonder if the ‘hateful’ girls ever regretted being hateful, if later on in their lives they’d realised just what comes from being so.

Nothing has really changed since then. I know some hateful people, perhaps it will always be the same really. The world changes but the people don’t.


I wouldn’t change all the people i’ve known (and sometimes loved) for the world.

It’s weird to think of all the people in the world who I will eventually meet. All those new characters.

I cannot wait 🙂


I’m alot gayer than most people realise!

I was wondering today, what children think of the changing in the sky, from night to day. I wonder how it’s so easy to believe that is just the norm, there’s just us in the universe and we belong here.

I’m not entirely conviced we are meant to be here, when all the certainty from life is death.

During work experience I made a Saturn necklace! I’m going to send it to Proffessor Brian Cox because he is my hero! I love everything he has to say 🙂

And because I know she could possibly be reading this: Love you sis! Great scootering skills xD x


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