I had a dream last night that my man was pregnant  Oh, I also passionately kissed my maths teacher and met some long lost friends. Somehow, I can’t imagine I’d find that in a meaning of dreams book.

I have a long lost friend. He was my best friend and I loved him unconditionally  Then one day he left, without telling me. This was 6 years ago now. A few months after his disappearance I had a phone call from him, I can still remember every detail of it now. His voice, his laugh, his presence. He told me he wouldn’t be coming back. But, he did say he’d be back for me when he was 16 and he could escape from his attachments  (Of course this isn’t exactly what he said, his privacy of his situation I hold in confidence, maybe I didn’t even fully know his situation). It’s his 16th birthday in September, that’s just 3 months away. I’ve lived for 6 years depending on his return.

I often have dreams of him, even now. Of course he is still 10 years old in my memory and I have grown up somewhat.  Everyone of them is just as real. I wake up a broken soul each time when I realise his return was nothing more than a dream, a hope.

I often wonder what he is like now. Where he is, what he’s doing, whether he still remembers me. His best friend. Maybe he’ll never follow up his word of coming back. But I know I wont ever give up.

My lovely, old friend.