When questioned if you’d rather spend your days being exquisitely intelligent or divinely beautiful, what is your answer?

Too many times have I then heard the words “beauty fades”. True beauty, I believe, stays with the holder throughout life sustaining in death. Even the oldest possesors bestow cordial elogence and charm: such stirring eyes that cannot be stolen or remade and sold. Life is forever in these souls, it leaks through skin and their splendor shines even the darkest places.

I am far from talking about comercial ‘beauty’- Those faces that are stamped upon every limb of the media. This is not beauty. Not the people that are branded as ‘hot’ or ‘fit’ when really that’s all they are. Nothing more than nicely fitting skin. Eyes that imagination betrayed. The faces and the bodies that can be bought.

No. I know, when real beauty is poised before me, and I suspect I always shall.